Star Wars: The End of Silence

A New Hope

This marks the start of a new Star Wars RPG campaign between me and my best friends Giles and Pogo. The campaign takes place 2000 years after the Galactic Republic fell through. When this happened, the galaxy went into a sort of silence (hence the Age of Silence) and instead of vast, galactic wars, there are now only small, petty wars in the individual systems. The only galaxy-wide activity seen is the war between the two pirate gangs called the Dawn and the Hutts. There is a third gang, called the Rebellion, that acts as a buffer between the two massive organizations. The Rebellion is not composed of pirates per se, but instead of traders. The galaxy is in ruins, but can two soldiers bring about change?

Pogo wishes to play a Human Soldier, and Giles wishes to play a Trandoshan Soldier. This should be quite interesting. We play on Friday nights and this wiki will be updated the following Mondays unless I need to get some information to the players. Thanks for reading.


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